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Arlyn Tombleson

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8 Ameroo Ave
Phone 0407 665 277

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113 King William Rd


I have had 20 years experience with measuring the meridians. Treatment is painless with no needles as I use two different led lights. One light is for sedation and one is for stimulation.

First consultation and treatment:
Successive treatment:


Natural Facial Recontouring Therapy

To realign Facial Symmetry Gentle non-invasive & non-medical techniques:

A twenty minute soothing facial massage with the added benefit of a gentle non-invasive & non-medical facial reconfiguration. Treatment acts to realign the symmetry of the eyebrows, cheeks, ears, restricted mouth opening and overall face by adjustment of the TMJ (known as the temporomandibular joint) to compliment your natural features for facial rejuvenation with the above techniques.

We call it natural facial re-configuration or re-contouring or realignment of the face. We have some great facial exercises called facial gymnastics or face gym.

Asymmetry of the face can be caused at birth by delivery or forceps, various accidents & trauma, heavy emotional upheaval or the constant daily stress & tension with a puffy side/s of the face to be stimulated.

The Japanese call it facial facelift or Japanese Cosmo facelift

The Australians call it Japanese Cosmo facelift, acupressure facelift or nonsurgical natural facelift

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